U6 update

U6 Plan - Last Fall Season we started out with some basic techniques, such as dribbling, ball control, properly striking the ball, and talking about offense and defense. It went well.  At the end of Fall Season there was improvement as far as keeping  better position on the field and players trying to pass the ball to each other during the games. We were able to have 2 "games" going last Fall, where teams were formed by the players physical ability and skills. We have some new faces for the Spring Season so we will start nice and easy, going over these routines again. During Wednesday practices, we will use fun games such as -Red Light, Green Light/ Sharks & Minnows/ Tag- to get more comfortable with the ball again.  We will start incorporating those routines in the games on Saturdays.  By end of Season we should be able to stay on position during game, whether defense or offense, with passing and dribbling the ball forward. The players should know the basic knowledge by end of season such as ball over side line or goal kick for other team.  The most important aspect is to have fun and enjoy playing with your peers!

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