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January 16, 2008 -- Berlin Youth Soccer Meeting Minutes 1/16/08

posted Jan 2, 2009, 8:53 AM by David Yildiz

Attendees: Tony Kowal, Christy West, Sean Mannion, Erin Mannion, Sean Regan, Denise Monteiro, Pat Anderson, Scott Lutz

U10 Boys
We have only 12 boys signed up. They will be playing in the Nashoba League @ 10:15 am 6 vs. 6 with a goalie in the field behind BMS. Sean Regan, Sean Mannion, and Scott Lutz all volunteered to coach the Spring
2008 season. If we could not get more than 12, we would field one U10 team instead of two. Rosters had to be sumitted by Saturday, January 18 2008. We ended up with one team.

High School Girls
This spring the Nashoba League is offering a high school flight girls team of various ages 11 vs. 11

U12 Girls
We have 12 girls signed up for a 8 vs. 8 format. Evy Dueck will be the head coach with Erin Mannion and Cathy Porter assisting.

U12 Boys
12 players are signed up. The team has been moved up to M Cup 8 vs. 8.
Scott Parmenter is coaching.

U14 Girls
12 players signed up. 11 vs. 11 format. Denise Monteiro is coaching with Pat Anderson assisting.

U16 Girls
16 players signed up. 11 vs. 11 format. Judy Sykes is coaching with Chad Burrows assisting.

U6, U7, and U8 teams will be addressed at a separate meeting.

Our challenge as an organization is to answer the question, "Do we organize our league based on skill levels versus a combined abilities?"
The majority felt the objective of Berlin Youth Soccer is for all children regardless of ability, to improve their soccer skills and have fun. WE want our kids to develop a sense of comeraderie and good sportsmanship as well as touching the ball as much as possible. The Puma League offers children the chance to enter a more competitive environment if so desired.