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Berlin Youth Soccer December 12, 2006 Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 2, 2009, 8:50 AM by David Yildiz

Attendees: Sue Green, Tony Kowal, Denise Monteiro, Sean Regan, Sean Mannion, Pat Anderson, Judy Sykes.


1. Spring 07 Teams/Rosters:

    U6- Christy West

    U8- Sean Regan/Glen Mair

    U8- Chris West/Lance Warhold

    U8-  ??????

    GU10- Dave White/Seamus O'Day

    BU10- Scott Parmenter/

    GU12- Denise Monteiro/Beth Brewer/Amanda Wheeler

    BU12- Tony Kowal/Rob MacKay

    GU14/GU16: To combine Pat Anderson/Judy Sykes

    GU12 to move to Nashoba League Rec B

    BU12 to go to Nashoba League Cup B

    GU14 to go to Nashoba League Rec A


2. Equipment Manager Report:

There are still 111 balls out, 116 shirts out. If you still have equipment, please get it back to Evy, so that she can get it ready for Spring. If you are using anything for indoor, please return as soon as the session is over.


3. BYS Website:

Holly Parmenter has been updating our website. If you want anything added, please contact Holly. Web address is http:/


4. Treasurer Report:

Expenses: $746

Balance: $3,872


5. BYS Open Positions:

Registration forms for Spring have volunteer options some ideas we came up with were:

Fundraising coordinator, field maintenance, snack shack coordinator to work with rec. committee, awards cookout coordinator. We will invited the interested candidates to the next meeting. Also looking for a vice president.


6. New Business

Futsol in Hudson: Boys U12 participated and found it to be a great program, teaches ball control, seems more effective than indoor soccer.

Indoor Teamworks: competition has been tough for all teams participating.

Referee Development: Looking for new blood as referees, we have the info for anyone interested. Must be 11 or older.