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8/7/2005 Monthly Meeting Town Hall room 221 @ 7:30

posted Jan 2, 2009, 8:44 AM by David Yildiz

Attendees: Rob MacKay, Tony Kowal, Amany Gill, Sue Green, Mike Willis, Denise Monteiro, Sean Mannion, Steve Garrity, Scott Parmenter, Becki Blanton, Beth Brewer, Chris Pendergast, Mark Sweeney, Sean Regan.


Field Maintenance:

  • Greg Matthews – Lines Painter
  • Steve Garrity – Nets assessment and maintenance, Sand bags, warning labels, net condition.
  • Puma League – Lines Painter for 8x8 & 11x11 field
  • Greg Smith – Lines Painter
  • Scott Parmenter – Layout of fields starting Thursday 9/8 into Fri 9/9 – Field behind the school and U8 field 30'x50' to be away from the house on South St. as much as possible.


Teams:U6 – 17 rostered and will change at start of season.

            U8 – four (4) teams

            U10G – one (1) team & U10B – one (2) team

            U12G – two (2) teams & U12B one (1) in Nashoba league


Assabet Report:

  • Becki handed out referee schedules.
  • Assabet starts this Saturday and plays Columbus Day weekend.
  • Home coach is recommended to call opposing coach just to touch base and confirm game.
  • Changes to game times or cancellations need to be reported to Becki and opposing team at least an hour before game time if not earlier. Becki has provided her cell phone for this purpose (978-505-148)
  • Becki has scheduled the referees for the Nashoba league.
  • An overview of reporting scores online for U10 and U12 – please remember to fill in all field or submitting scores will not be accepted.
  • U8 referees DO NOT keep score and are there for safety and instructional purpose.


Cori Forms & Registration:

  • U6 coached by Chris Pendergast has 17 with 3 pending payment
  • U8 coached by Scott Carlucci, Sean Mannion, Sean Regan, Scott Upham has 38 with 3 pending
  • U10G coached by Dave White has 12 registered.
  • U10B coached by Scott Parmenter and Greg Smith has 19 registered
  • U12G coached by Pat Anderson and Denise Monteiro has 19 registered  with 2 pending
  • U12B coached by Tony Kowal has 12 registered.
  • Cori Forms still needed for Steve Garrity, Greg Smith and Beth Howes.
  • Grand Total of players registered is 117 with 8+ potentials


Treasury Report:

Beginning balance at start of meeting is $6984.93

Checks written out this evening                - 585.00           Assabet payments

                                                                        - 1,114.00        U-Save sports

                                                                        - 51.00             NVYSL registration diff.

                                                                        - 55.73             M.Willis reimb. First Aid

Registration checks to be entered          + 600.00          Registration fees.



  • Puma Club has a rental agreement with the Town for full usage on Mondays and Wednesdays for a fee of $3200.00 for four (4) teams.
  • Peter Larssen was contracted to grade the back field
  • Town of Berlin Highway Department backed field the back field
  • Four telephone poles are in place to have catch netting placed.
  • Rutland Nursery has been contracted for slice seeding and fertilizing.
  • Maintenance program is in the works with recreation committee.
  • Puma will be using the fields for games on Sunday.  Pat Anderson has a couple of games scheduled for a Sunday. Suggestion from Steve G. to post Puma games at the snack shack for coaches to see what Sundays maybe available for makeup games.
  • Field Usage request has been submitted to the Town Selectman and CC. to Recreations Committee.
  • School usage form has been submitted to Memorial School. Gym usage now has a fee of $50.00 (per use or per season??)
  • Mark Sweeney does use the gym on rainy days for practices.  Usage form and fee will need to be paid and submitted by coach.


Team Photos

  • Same photographer as past seasons will once again do our Fall team pictures.


Coaches Clinic through MLS Perks

  • Scott has been asked to ask Holly if she wouldn't mind looking into a coach's clinic for some of our new coaches and also our existing ones. Wednesday night for the U6 to U12 levels.


Equipment Status

  • Mike Willis has purchased necessary replacement equipment along with first aid stock.
  • All equipment has been passed out with the exception of games balls for Scott P. and Pat A.
  • Mike has Stakes to be given to Scott P this evening; Rope for Rob MacKay and sand bags to Steve G.


Assabet Tournament

  • The Assabet Tournament was reported as a great time and leagues are encouraged to enter again. Great experience for the players and a great way to meet new people.
  • Teams are encouraged to try out the Pepperell Tournament on Columbus Day Weekend. Details can be found on the back page of the Assabet Fall Book.


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