12/5/2016 Board Meeting

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Attendees: Becki, Sue, Chris, Laura, Nicci, Debbie


  1. Inventory Reviewed

    1. Uniforms – order more in February timeframe

    2. Equipment

  2. Registration

    1. 2/18 registration with the league for final number of teams; preliminary #s asap…

    2. 1/30 our deadline for registrations

  3. Mass Youth Soccer Workshop approved for 15

    1. 1/28 all day affair for coaches and administration

  4. Division Names are changing for Nashoba League

    1. Div 1,2,3

    2. Not MTOC and Rec levels

  5. Storage lock on Locker

    1. 5 keys:  Chris, Laura

  6. Website

    1. List uniform items to influence people to order extra socks

    2. Request to list uniform # if you aren’t ordering a new one

    3. Those who want to ref, age 14, need volunteers

  7. Becki wants to continue on as Ref Directory

  8. Next Meeting February 9 @ 7:30


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please see attached

8/10/2016 Board Minutes

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please see attached file for details

6/6/2016 Meeting Minutes

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please see doc attached

Welcome to Chris, Nicci and Laura!

5/10/2016 Meeting Minutes

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see document attached

Correction as of 6/6
  • Third bullet should read - additional refereeS (3 needed, not 1)

  • Last bullet should read BU12 not BU10, where they are expected to have a 2 teams

7/22 Board Meeting Minutes

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Fall Soccer planning - teams, coaches


posted May 27, 2014, 5:53 PM by D Sanford

Planning Picnic, prep for Fall Registration

Coaches Meeting 4/2

posted Apr 2, 2014, 5:22 PM by D Sanford

  • Practice Schedules
  • Reviewed NVYSL booklet
  • Lining Fields
  • Reviewed Equipment

Prepping for the Spring 2014 Season

posted Apr 2, 2014, 5:08 PM by D Sanford   [ updated Apr 2, 2014, 5:13 PM ]

  • Donations made to Berlin Youth Soccer in memory of Thomas Ryan
  • Reviewed Final Numbers for teams
  • Fields
  • Coaches meetings

Meeting Minutes 7/23/2013

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Berlin Youth Soccer Meeting Minutes



July 23, 2013


Berlin Town Offices, Room 221


Becki Blanton, Deirdre Slate, Sue Green, Debbie Sanford


·      NVYSL Team Submissions and League News Update

§  New by-law that will allow children (including middle school) of regional schools to choose the town in which they’d like to play.  For us, that means Tahanto children (6th grade and above) can choose Boylston or Berlin.  If towns don’t have enough players to each host a team, Berlin/Boylston may decide to switch teams from year to year, or have 1 town do Girls, and the other do Boys…

§  Northboro served noticed that may leave the league, leaving Berlin as most southern town in the league.

§  No change in Administration

·      U7 U8 Options

§  Converstion with Joe from Boylston.  They will continue to have had their kids join Northboro team.

§  Instead of playing amongst ourselves, we could play against Northboro, but we would have to play in Northboro on Sunday afternoons.

·      Still need a U6 coach.  Maybe have a parent do it with a skilled high school aged player that has aged out of the program to teach.  G level coaches training program should be taken by the parent.

·      Set date for Coach's Meeting

§  Want to talk about Bullying at coaches meeting.  Although we haven’t been involved in any situations, we’ve heard stories from others.

§  Could have separate meeting with Nashoba coaches from U7, U8

§  Seeing if Coaches available for 8/15?

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