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Massachusetts Soccer suffers a terrible loss to its community.

posted Mar 30, 2009, 9:34 AM by David Yildiz

Massachusetts Soccer suffers another terrible loss to its community.

 John Burrill, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Youth  Soccer Association ( Mass Youth) located in Lancaster MA, passed away  in his sleep Saturday March 27, 2009. John has been involved in youth soccer for over forty years. In his  position as Executive Director for Mass Youth, John has been a key  force for the many successes implemented since his appointment. With great pride John could be seen walking the new fields at  Lancaster, never missing an event. With his immense knowledge of soccer and its' rules John was the  person to consult with questions dealing with soccer. He always was  approachable and responsive.  One always knew where you stood as John spoke his mind. It might not  have been the answer you were looking for, but it was fair and correct.  John was a mentor, teacher, leader, but most of all a friend. He will  be sadly missed.